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Taylor Swift’s song is catchy but did she have to accessorize with black women’s bodies?

It’s hard to criticize Taylor Swift’s new single, “Shake It Off,” because it’s all about how dumb her haters are. Then again, when you intentionally culturally appropriate and then make a mockery of people who don’t want you to culturally appropriate, you sort of deserve to be criticized.

Released yesterday, the video is clearly meant for a younger audience — as you can tell from the tutus — but that only makes it more offensive when Swift dons gold hoop earrings and chains, high-top kicks and cut-off shorts and begins twerking. That’s also the moment when the whole video devolves into racist stereotyping and cultural appropriation. Swift is seen crawling underneath a black woman’s legs, looking up into her nether regions as she twerks to the beat of Swift’s song. She seems to think there’s something funny about all the talk about cultural appropriation in music.

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